Oct 31, 2010

Jane Austen ball, no costume?

For ideas - see the following
The Jane Austen Centre in Bath sells items so you can achieve the same look as Mr. Darcy

Jane Austen Society

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Posted by: micaela

Some ruminations that may be of help!

For ladies hair- think slightly messy with a bandeau around it (carf tied round several times will do).
This is becuase they threw away their wigs from the overblown early Georgian era and needed to grow out their hair.
The turban and feather were also popular.

For dresses, think white dress, empire waist, sometimes with an outer dress in a contrasting colour or at least a long shawl. You can use a pashmina, as cashmere was in then and so were Indian prints.....
The folks thought they were 'in their underwear' and compared to early Georgian clothing, they were! You could almost see the shape of a woman's body! Shoes were like ballet slippers, no heel, and very natural.

Gents need a white top, a nice cravat tie, waistcoat, and knee length breeches that disappear into long boots.

I do apologise that I know more about women's than men's.  Do have a look at our PDF leaflet as these folks have got the right idea! And, of course Lady Georgianna have sorted out a pretty convincing look- see the blog and their Flickr site designed for promoters (and other interested folks).