Aug 23, 2010

Success, and rest

Another successful Worcester Early Music Weekend! Seeing people smile puts a smile on my face; the dancers doing 'Strip the Willow' at the ball, the adults who tried out improvisation for the first time in their lives, and the toddlers who enjoyed nursery rhymes were the highlights for me.

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Posted by: micaela

It was also gratifying to see people returning night after night. To me that's the best compliment of all. Thanks to Barbara Dunn, my co-director, for being there, and to Rachel our stellar steward at St Swithuns, not to mention Carmen, our hostess at the ball.  The Guildhall staff were lovely as usual and our keymaster Raymond was a real help.  A big thanks to Chris Jaeger for giving us the lovely Huntingdon Hall to use when we lost our venue on Sunday. Thanks to Val and co at the Friends Meeting House whose graciousness we will not forget. We could not have done it without these key people.  We should also give thanks all the instrument movers and 'car watcher's - Markus, Charles, Andy, Jim, Jane, and more!  No parking tickets- hurrah!