Jul 31, 2010

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First off- come hear our 'Ghostly Adventures' preview Wed. 4 August 12.30-2pm



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Posted by: micaela

at the Art House Cafe (next to Huntingdon Hall) in Worcester. We played there today a bit to try the acoustic and generally let people know what we are up to. Lots of lovely folks took leaflets about our gig and and the early years workshops.  That cafe is lovely as they have some toys there for little ones to play with. It's great to have permissnio to play.  We saw a lute player, people in 40's dress, and it was generally a nice atmosphere. Good tea too, but it's nice to know they are licenced to sell alcoholic drinks too.  If you are wondering where it is, with all that new construction and glass look for Huntingon Hall itself, and as you face this photo, go a little left and up the stairs (or straight for the lift).

Secondly, I am absolutely thrilled with St Swithun's Church.  Thanks to their wonderful volunteers, we have stewards at our events, and I have decided to include the newly refurbished organ in my programme on the 20th August at 4pm. thanks to Raymond, and Rachel - you know who you are!

And finally, I discovered a great little passageway that leads between buildings so you can cut right across from St. Martin's Gate carpark on the pedestrian flyover, a little jog then a teeny squeeze between budilings and then again through The Shambles.  Although I should sugggest you probably walk in a more open area at night!