Jul 30, 2010

New Threads, Twitter, Kerrygold

Did I mention my twitter name is 'early musica'?
On Twitter I mention our new Jane Austen outfits. So exciting- see  the home page of the Lady G Website for a peek!
Also, Kerrygold tells us that we are ranked 12 out 43 projects.

Education at Worcester Early Music Weekend
Category: Childen, Young People and Families
Posted by: micaela

Please help us get into the top 10, because those stand the best chance of getting funding, and we are so close!  Next time you need butter, buy a pack of Kerrygold that has the red label (10p) on it and then when you get home, just enter the prodcut code and vote for us. It's for the education we are doing for the Worcester Early Music Weekend.  Incidentally I recently bought some at a small store- it had no red label so I contacted Kerrygold by email and they gave me a code to enter at the website. I give them a vote for corporate social reponsibility.


Education at Worcester Early Music Weekend

Project name

Education at Worcester Early Music Weekend
Our Reference no. is KGA4616.