Jul 22, 2010

busking debut

We found this busking code of practice  useful. Having never busked in my life, I have finally stepped a toe in...

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Posted by: micaela

to one of the rainiest days on record. Just back from Regency Cheltenham where we wore Regency dresses  - think Jane Austen-  and wowed some Japanese tourists.  I have Japanese money to prove it. They were kind- and did give UK money too.  I think my compatriot from Lady Georgianna will be sharing a photo of me looking dour- because a bagpiper did not play by the rules - basically started playing whilst we were in clear view, most certainly drowning us out.  For all you hair aficionados, here's the back view of my hair- with a bandeau and 'carefully planned disordered look'.  Apparently this was common as ladies' fashion moved away from the wearing of big wigs, and they needed to grow out their hair! The front view is, well, a middle part, so enough said.